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Vintage VERVE Magazine No. 4 PICASSO Circa 1951

Specifically designed front and back cover by Picasso for this edition of Verve Magazine, this issue is completely dedicated to the oeuvre of the artist. Made in Vallauris, Paris, each page was produced through a lithograph, heliogravure and quadrichromia printing process by Draeger Frerés to create vivid documentation of Picasso's work. Due to the nature of the publication, many were discarded through the years, leaving this highly sought after and desirable. Because of the age of the magazine, this copy contains damage and tears throughout. This original print magazine is amongst hundreds of pieces of décor that are available at our location in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.

BLAS OLLEROS Y QUINTANA (1851-1919) Original Oil on Canvas Painting – Signed

Original oil on canvas by noted 19th century Spanish painter Blas Olleros y Quintana (1851-1919) depicts a harbor scene. Six female figures drift in a boat ornamented with verdure and paper lanterns while other boaters wave in the distance; a perfect example of Olleros' appeal towards scenes of leisure and celebration. Housed in an ornate gold frame and crowned with a museum light, this opulent painting is signed by Olleros in the lower right corner of the painting. About the Artist: Blas Olleros y Quintana was born in 1851 in Avila, Spain. By 1874, the Avila City Council awarded Olleros a grant to further his art education in Rome. After completing his studies in Rome, Olleros relocated to Paris for three years, becoming acquainted with the Spanish portrait painter Palmaroli, who became a great influence on his work. For much of the 1880’s Olleros resided in Naples, Italy, where he became known as “Il Improvvisatore” or, “The Improviser”. He adopted Italy as his new homeland and remained there for most of his adult life. His subject matter was varied and included landscapes, seascapes, figures, genre and historical scenes. A great deal of his work focused on Neapolitan scenery, especially harbor scenes. He later resided in Florence and died there in 1919. This painting is amongst hundreds of pieces of art that are available at our location in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.  

ANDRÉ MASSON (1896-1987) Signed and Numbered Lithograph


An original signed and numbered lithograph by famed French artist André Masson (1896-1987) reminiscent of Masson’s works in automatic drawing. Featuring graphic marks on a vivid ground of red, blue, yellow, and green, Masson’s surrealistic mark-making invites viewers to investigate the image and form their own meaning within the piece. Framed in silver and signed and numbered at the bottom.

About the Artist: André Masson(1896-1987) was born in Balagny-sur-Thérain, Oise and began to study art at the age of 11 at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, later moving his studies to Paris. Masson’s early work displayed an interest in Cubism, but he later became more closely associated with Surrealism, becoming more of the more enthusiastic advocates of automatic drawing; a practice in which the hand is allowed to move randomly across the paper or canvas. Under the German occupation of France, Masson was labeled a degenerate artist by the Nazi regime and he later moved away from Surrealism, adopting a more structured style with themes of eroticism and violence. After escaping France to America, Masson’s work became an important influence on burgeoning Abstract Expressionists, such as Jackson Pollock, as he worked in Connecticut.  Following the war, he returned to France and continued to paint until his death in 1987 at the age of 91.

This lithograph is just one of hundreds of pieces of art that are available at our location in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.

STEUBEN Preening Goose and Gander Glass Figurines Circa 1976

Pair of figurines by Steuben named Preening Goose and Gander use smooth glass to create small birds with slender necks and gentle curves throughout.  Signed on underside.  This pair is amongst hundreds of pieces of decor that are available at our showroom in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.  

SHARON DOUGHERTY Large Mixed Media on Canvas – Signed

An original mixed media abstract artwork from Columbus, Ohio artist Sharon Dougherty. Dougherty uses minimalism and abstraction to create an essence of her personal reflection of experiences. Signed and dated 1995 on the reverse. About the Artist: Sharon Dougherty, a Columbus, Ohio artist, is represented by Art Access Gallery of Bexley, Ohio. Earning a Bachelor's of Science degree, Dougherty continued her education at The Ohio State University obtaining her Master's of Fine Arts. She has held solo exhibitions at The Ohio State University, College of Eastern Utah, LaGrange College, and is included in many private collections. Dougherty's work is held in twenty two corporate collections such as Columbus City Hall to National Art Service in Houston, Texas. This artwork is amongst hundreds of pieces of art that are available at our showroom in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.

NOEL MCKENNA “Tron” Ceramic Sculpture – Signed

“Tron” by Australian artist Noel McKenna uses whimsical style to depict the Tron Theater in Edinborough, Scotland. The ceramic sculpture has blue accents in the windows and clock faces to pop against the neutral brown building. Signed, titled, and dated July 2006 along base. This sculpture is just one of hundreds of pieces of art that are available at our location in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.    

JOHAN BARTHOLD JONGKIND (1819-1891) Original Oil Nightscape on Panel

Own a piece of art history with this original oil on panel painting by the illustrious Dutch master and frontrunner of Impressionism, Johan Barthold Jongkind (1819-1891). This painting on panel features a moonlit maritime scene that Jongkind is best known for. This painting is considered “nocturnally perfect” with radiating moonlight in a cloudy sky being perfectly reflected in the shimmering waters underneath. The low horizon, deep contrast in color, and loose yet intentional brushstrokes are quintessential to Jongkind’s style. In 1874, Jongkind was extended an invitation to participate in the first exhibition of Impressionist works at the Salon in Paris, but declined. Following the rejection of his painting “Moonlight in Rotterdam” at the 1873 Salon, he refused to participate in such exhibitions again. This exact painting was created in 1874, at that pivotal point in the Impressionist movement and in art history as a whole. This painted panel is framed in an aged gold frame with a paper label on the reverse. Jongkind’s signature and the year 1874 is found in the bottom left corner of the composition. About the Artist: Johan Bathold Jongkind (1819-1891) was a Dutch painter and printmaker who is widely recognized as a forefather of Impressionism. After training at the art academy in The Hague, he moved to Monparnasse, Paris. After studying and working for two years, he was accepted into the Paris Salon exhibition. Despite receiving praise from critics Charles Baudelaire and Emile Zola, he experienced little success that induced depression worsened by alcoholism. Jongkind would continue to struggle with his mental health and dependency issues throughout his life. He returned to Holland for 5 years before going back to Paris, renting a studio and developing a style that would be critical to the consequent Impressionist movement. He met  Eugène BoudinAlfred Sisley, and Claude Monet, and became a mentor to the three young artists. Monet  attributed the “definitive education” of his artistic eye to JongkindJongkind mostly focused on marine landscapes, consistently employing strong contrasts and lively brushwork. Following in Dutch tradition, most of his works feature a low horizon to emphasize the sky. His legacy is strong in both the art market and in museum collections around the world. Although his contemporaries admired his work and style, his distaste for social gatherings and salons may have been what prevented him from coming to the forefront of the Impressionist movement. However, his background contributions were equally as important to him personally and many other young artists.  

ELIAS BEN DELMAN Original Oil on Canvas Resting Boats

Original oil on canvas by Elias Ben Delman uses muted colors to depict resting boats. In a gold frame with brass nameplate denoting this piece as a “WPA Federal Art Project”. This painting is just one of hundreds of pieces of art that are available at our location in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.