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CURTIS JERE Signed “Soaring Bird” Sculpture

“Soaring Bird” sculpture by Curtis Jere is simply styled with a single sheet of brass cut and formed to mimic a soaring bird. A small brass rod connects to a natural stone for a handsome blending of refined and unrefined materials. Maker’s mark in tact. About the Artist: C. Jeré is a compound nom de plume of Jerry Fels and Curtis Freiler, two brother-in-laws. They were metalworking artists who focused on home accessories and wall sculptures. The works of C. Jeré were produced and marketed by Artisan House, an art production for the average consumers that was founded by the duo in 1963. Freiler was the chief of production and Fels was the chief of design. They employed a great number of minorities and handicapped people and at one point employed 300 people. They sold the company in 1972. Early C. Jeré works were produced in California, but continue to be made overseas since the company’s outsourcing in 2003. Freiler passed away in 2008, Fels in 2013 at 103 years old. This sculpture is amongst hundreds of pieces of art that are available at our showroom in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.