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After CHARLES M. RUSSELL(1864-1926) “Man with Rifle” Bronze Sculpture

Cast from original molds by American artist Charles M. Russell (1864-1926), this bronze sculpture depicts a man holding a rifle that he steadies with the usage of a deadened tree stump. Typical of the wild western imagery that Russell exemplifies, a steer’s skull rests at the man’s feet. Russell’s cast signature is displayed at the base of the sculpture. About the Artist: Charles Marion Russell was born on March 19th, 1864 in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up with an avid fascination of the ‘wild west’ in his early years, eventually becoming a sheep rancher in Montana. Starting off as a cowboy, Russell began to document the winter of 1886-1887 in watercolors, which launched his career as an artist. His wife, Nancy, is often credited in helping him attain international acclaim as an artist, setting up shows throughout the United States and abroad. Russell produced about 4000 works of art, including oil and watercolor paintings, drawings and sculptures in wax, clay, plaster and other materials, some of which were also cast in bronze. He died in 1926 in the county seat of Great Falls, Montana. This sculpture is amongst hundreds of pieces of art that are available at our location in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.