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HOWARD BEHRENS Venice Original Oil on Canvas

An original oil on canvas of Venice by Howard Behrens features a line of gondolas shadowed in the sunset. A line of classic architecture spans the orange horizon.The canvas is beautifully framed with a natural linen mat, gold accents, and a wood frame. About the Artist: Howard Behrens (1933-2014) was a Chicago born painter who was a modern master of the palette knife. Using his higher art education commercially at first, his career moved to be focused on creativity and driven by color and innovative methodology. Inspired predominantly by his travels to Italy, Behrens would use a combination of fine art photography and quick sketches to create the compositions he would bring to life with his palette knife. Behrens was the innovator of the hand-embellished serigraph and created widespread recognition for his work, in addition to accessibility. This painting is just one of hundreds of pieces of art that are available at our location in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.