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Designed by Gordon (1924-2015) and Jane Martz (1929-2007) for Marshall Studios, this coffee table features a ceramic tile top that makes for an artistic statement to add to the living room. This rare table is dated to 1960 and stands on a dowel base with beautiful joinery details that showcase its high quality craftsmanship.  About the Designer: Martz Pottery was created by husband and wife team Gordon and Jane Martz. They met while studying ceramics at Alfred University, married upon graduation, and moved to Jane’s hometown. Jane’s family owned Marshall Studios, a company that produced hand painted lampshades. As the company grew, their production expanded to creating turned wood lamp bases as well. Marshall Studios then changed generations to Jane’s parents, and the young artists were encouraged to contribute their talents. They devised a way to mass produce these pottery bases while still having handmade aesthetic and finishes. One of their lamps, Martz No. 101, was recognized by Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. who worked with the Museum of Modern Art. The lamp was selected to appear at the MoMA for their 1953 Good Design exhibit, which launched Marshall Studios and Martz Pottery’s popularity and sales. Once the Modernism trend declined, the company was sold and later closed. This coffee table is amongst hundreds of pieces of furniture that are available at our location in Grandview! Come in today and see the full collection.