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Charles Csuri : From Buckeye to Pioneer in New Media

Just arrived in Grandview Mercantile, a special selection of fine art from Columbus, Ohio artist, Charles Csuri. Four large archival prints on canvas, each signed, demonstrate Csuri’s unique ability to meld established art movements into the new realm of digital art. Born in Grant Town, West Virginia, and long before his venture into digital media, Charles Csuri received his Certificate in Engineering, from the Newark College of Engineering, located in Newark, New Jersey. It was during this time, Csuri would find himself drafted into the army during World War II, eventually earning a Bronze Star medal for his heroism in Battle of the Bulge. In 1947, after his service, Csuri returned to the arts program at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, earning his Masters degree in 1948. After joining the faculty of the university as a professor, Csuri founded the Ohio State Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design, which he resides as professor Emeritus.

In 1964, Csuri built his first computer, which laid the foundation for a new landscape of exploring artistic mediums. Recognized by both, the Smithsonian, and Museum of Modern Art(MoMA) as the father of digital art. The later which displays his work as part of their permanent collection. Still to this day, Csuri continues to push his creative license as an artist.

Watch below, Beyond Boundaries for the Ralph Regula School of Computational Science lecture series.


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