Treasure Tidbits: Antique Portrait of a Woman

Antique Oil Portrait of a Woman

Initially, we weren't sure we wanted to take this antique oil paintings on consignment due to the condition of the canvas. But upon hearing the story, we realized we had to give it a chance of a new home!

Originally, this painting was half of a pair, opposing a gentleman. That portrait has since disappeared. Painted in 1871, we are unsure who the depicted was, or details of the artist. It is signed D. Morgan on the back, although we are unsure if that is the artist or the depicted. It is well-framed in valuable materials. It has had multiple owners over the years.

The most recent owner proudly hung this piece after acquisition, but discovered soon after that there was a haunting detail about this portrait...

The eyes seem to follow you around the room. Depending on the viewing angle, they seem to shift colors. In some light, they are hollow, with an inexplicable depth. 

The painting was taken down because of the chilling affect on the homedwellers, and she made her way to Grandview Mercantile...Where Else!